The Spanglish Guide for the Sencilla Gal

  • 18 Ways to Keep Busy in Bogota

    Hair colors and haircuts may change with time, but back in 2017 my thirst for traveling and meeting new cultures was as alive as it is today. This spur of the moment trip to Bogota was an amazing way to spend a long weekend and get to do some awesome activities along the way.  
  • Glamchorreo: Yabucoa-Guayama

    There is nothing greater than living in this Caribbean gem and having a great selection of gastronomic experiences just a few minutes away. From the fancy restaurants to the "hole in a wall" charming eateries, Puerto Rico doesn't cease to surprise us with its creativity and zest for a good old time. If you find yourself in the southeast coast of the 100x35, make sure you add this route to your weekend plans.
  • For Wine & Tapas, Take Me Back To Napa

    But what can you do once you get to the golden state? That’s where this travel guide comes in. I took my first trip to Napa Valley with my husband in 2016, and it has been a go-to recommendation for any couple looking for a fun getaway. I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to spend a day in Napa Valley, from the vineyards you can’t afford to miss to the food you’ll never forget.

  • Traveling to Vail amid COVID

    Si estas en la encrucijada de viajar o no en medio de la pandemia, aquí te ofrezco una guía por si tienes a Vail en la mirilla. La ventaja de haber...
  • 13 Things a Miss Shouldn't Miss in NYC

    Even though these last few days many have put a halt on their vacation plans, there are others living the mantra of “If I die, I die”…whether it’s here or in Venice. Whatever your case may be, stay safe. The truth is, eventually you will find yourself researching your next adventure and this is where this guide comes in handy. If you're heading soon to the Big Apple…add these 13 to your list.
  • 6 Reasons to spend 60 Hours in St. Croix

    In an island like Puerto Rico, the choices are quite limited if you want to hop on a plane and take full advantage of a long weekend. Which is why the Virgin Islands are a great alternative if you want to skip the layovers and spend most of your time wondering around a new destination and not an airport. 
  • De Pies a Cabeza

    Desde el 2014, San Valentín no caía un viernes, por lo cual, no solo celebramos dicho acontecimiento un solo día, sino que el weekend largo completo se va enredado. Y es así que comenzamos a justificar todas nuestras decisiones hasta el domingo.