Glamchorreo: Yabucoa-Guayama

There is nothing greater than living in this Caribbean gem and having a great selection of gastronomic experiences just a few minutes away. From the fancy restaurants to the "hole in a wall" charming eateries, Puerto Rico doesn't cease to surprise us with its creativity and zest for a good old time. If you find yourself in the southeast coast of the 100x35, make sure you add this route to your weekend plans.   

Aside from the breathtaking views on your left-hand side, it is amazing to see so many new businesses thriving considering this area was severely impacted during Hurricane Maria. Here is a list of the spots and recommendations of what to order in each one:

📍 La Burbu, Yabucoa- Make sure to order a Shrimp Stuffed “Arepa”, “Alcapurria de Jueyes” or “Pastelillo de Chapin”.

📍 El Balconcito del Cielo, Yabucoa- Grab yourself a ready-to-go fritter like “tostones with carne frita” and take in those amazing views.

📍 Túnel Maunabo, Maunabo- On your way to Waikiki, you will find yourself going through the Maunabo Tunnel, which is a cool spot for an adrenaline-full picture. (Just remember to be very cautious)

📍 Waikiki, Patillas- This roadside spot in front of the beach will surprise you with its small but gourmet dishes like the fish tacos and ribs.

📍 El Marullo, Patillas- Great spot to order a mojito and watch some surfers catching waves at Inches Beach.

📍 Frappé Vista al Manatí, Patillas- Here you will find a variety of frappes but what I like most about this place is grabbing a fresh octopus salad and going upstairs for the views.

📍 Malecón De Arroyo, Arroyo- Charming area with Street art where you can try your luck in the Pool Table with some locals at El Portar.

📍 Prime Market, Guayama- The perfect spot to unwind with a nice glass of wine and delicious tapas. Make sure to try their meatballs and tuna tartar…you will not regret it!



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