18 Ways to Keep Busy in Bogota

Hair colors and haircuts may change with time, but back in 2017 my thirst for traveling and meeting new cultures was as alive as it is today. This spur of the moment trip to Bogota was an amazing way to spend a long weekend and get to do some awesome activities along the way. Find below my “go to” list:

1. Make your way through the cute pedestrian streets of Chorro de Quevedo. Have some "salchipapas" and beer at Café Color Café while you watch people pass by. 

2. Go over to the Gold Museum area and find "Casona del Museo" for beautiful gold accessories.

3. Take a shopping break and have a beer at San Juan Café inside "Casona del Museo".

4. On your way to Plaza Santander stop to look at the local artisans.

5. Get your shoes shined at Plaza Santander.

6. Head over to La Candelaria and stop by Bogota Beer Company.

7. Go to El Monserrate and take in the breathtaking views. While there, visit the church at the top of the mountain and have some coffee, wine, arepas and empanadas at Restaurante Casa Santa Clara.

8. Take the 2 hour drive to Andrés Carne de Res located in Chía, to experience the real dynamic of this famous restaurant.

9. Stay at the Click Clack Hotel and grab its fresh and healthy breakfast.

10. Stroll down Parque 93 and splurge in the pop-up shops featuring local vendors with statement pieces.

11. Feed the pigeons at Plaza de Bolivar.

12. Walk around Zona Rosa and stop by La Taquería for a refreshing margarita.  

13. Eat some mini avocados sold by a street vendor.

14. Shop around for a tailored fit wool coat that will not break the bank and last you for years.

15. Have the best Ajiaco in town according to locals at La Puerta Falsa.

16. Go to La Macarena for a fun and hip atmosphere where you will find some Irish Pubs. Make a stop at the other Bogotá Beer Company (BBC) that's in this area, it has completely different vibe. We had wine, Aguardiente shots and beer for only $13.

17. Start your day at Plaza del Mercado “La Perseverancia” for some “Asopao de Costilla” that will cost you around $3.

18. Finish off the night by going to Apache, the rooftop bar located at Click Clack Hotel. Their branding is off the charts and getting a seat there is not a simple as you think. Great views of the city and a fun menu awaits you.


Trust me, you will likely hit all these spots in a few days without breaking a sweat....literally! Keep in mind that Bogota has almost the perfect weather all year round, with temperatures in the 50 & 60s Fahrenheit, which make it a very attractive destination during those hot summer months. If you need some ideas for your suitcase, check out our Fall/Winter category at our shop!

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